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Covering over hundreds of leagues in various sports across the world our Sportsbook platform is as good as it gets. Our core competency is in knowing what exactly to offer your customers in any given time. We believe that Sportsbook success depends on micro-management at individual player levels: minimum and maximum bet limits, bet acceptance times, localised markets and competitive odds.

Our team will handle trading and risk management, we ensure that all your players will enjoy personal limits and betting experience. This solution will allow you to focus on what you do best – marketing and acquisition.

We have trading offices in multiple geographical locations and guarantee 24/7 high-quality coverage. Our European offices provide day-time coverage and state-of-the-art offices in Philippines ensure same quality over the night. In-house systems combined with 3rd-Party feeds from providers offer a robust, scalable and powerful solution for any given market and territory.

Sportsbook solutions: 

  • Event creation and pricing
  • Risk Management on a player level
  • In-play betting and statistics
  • Over 10,000 in-play events per month
  • Customised multi-platform and multi-lingual front-end
  • Dedicated bonuses and free bets functionalities